Aland Sangfestivalen
Genre Music competition
Format National selection
Created by Selvin Reyes
Presented by Danny Saucedo (1-2,4)
Alex Saidac (2)
Molly Sandén (2)
Alina Devecerski (2)
Gina Dirawi (1,4)
Eric Saade (3)
Loreen (3)
Rebecca Scheja (5)
Fiona Fitzpatrick (5)
Country of origin Åland Islands Åland Islands
Language(s) Swedish/Finnish/English
No. of seasons 5
Location(s) Various (shows)
Original channel Tv Aland
Original run 13 March 2013 – 7 November 2013
Aland Sangfestivalen (English: Aland Song Festival) is a music competition organised by Ålandish broadcasters TV Aland. Through the competition the country's representative for the Own Eurovision Song Contest is decided.


Aland Sangfestivalen 1Edit

The first edition will be for the 18th edition of Own Eurovision Song Contest with the hosts as Danny Saucedo and Gina Dirawi. It will be hosted in Mariehamn.

Aland Sangfestivalen 2Edit

Aland Sangfestivalen 2 will be for Own Eurovision Song Contest 19. The host city will be Stockholm, Sweden (for semifinal 1), Turku, Finland (for semifinal 2) and Mariehamn, Aland Islands (Final). The presenters have been announced and they are Danny Saucedo, Alex Saidac, Molly Sandén and Alina Devecerski.

Aland Sangfestivalen 3Edit

Aland Sangfestivalen 4Edit

Aland Sangfestivalen 5Edit


AS OESC Song Artist Final Points Semi Points
1 #18 "Jag svär" Alina Devecerski X X 19 13
2 #19 "I love it" Icona Pop feat. Charli XCX X X 12 53
3 #20 "Invincible" Carola X X 15 48
4 #22 "Wake Me Up" Avicii 2 202 3 102
5 #24 "Can you see me?" Krista Siegfrids 1 244 1 129

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