Aland Sangfestivalen 4
AS-4 Logo
Final July 31, 2013
Presenter(s) Danny Saucedo
Gina Dirawi
Broadcaster Tv Aland
Venue Mariehamn Friends Arena
Åland Islands Åland Islands(Final)
Winning song Avicii
"Wake Me Up"
Voting system
50% Jury, 50% OESC Countries
Number of entries 10
Aland Sangfestivalen
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Aland Sangfestivalen 4 was the fourth edition of the Alandish national selection, Aland Sangfestivalen. The start date is July 15, 2013. One song will be selected to represent Aland Islands in Own Eurovision Song Contest 22.

The final will take place in the Mariehamn Friends Arena on July 31, 2013. For the second time since Aland Sangfestivalen 1 there will just be a final of 10 songs.


The Presenters Of Aland Sangfestivalen 4!

Presenters Edit

Danny Saucedo and Gina Dirawi are the hosts of Aland Sangfestivalen 4. Both were former Melodifestivalen 2013 and Aland Sangfestivalen presenters and both wanted to be presenters Of Aland Sangfestivalen once again.

Voting and spokespersonsEdit

The order in which each country announced their votes was determined in a draw following the jury results from final dress rehearsal.

  1. Poland Poland: Honey
  2. Israel Israel: Miri Milman
  3. Moldova Moldova: Kaiia
  4. Andorra Andorra: Monica Narjano
  5. Kosovo Kosovo: Tuna
  6. Netherlands Netherlands: Sharon Den Adel
  7. Azerbaijan Azerbaijan: Farid Mammadov
  8. Egypt Egypt: Nadia Ali & Armin
  9. Spain Spain: Fernando Llorente
  10. Russia Russia: Sergey Astahov
  11. Cyprus Cyprus: Nikki Lee
  12. Faroe Islands Faroe Islands: Aura Dione
  13. Finland Finland: Krista Siegfrids
  14. Liechtenstein Liechtenstien: Y’akoto
  15. Scotland Scotland: Samantha Jade
  16. Denmark Denmark: Medina
  17. Romania Romania: Inna
  18. Sweden Sweden: Eric Saade
  19. Portugal Portugal: Nelly Furtado
  20. Norway Norway: Tone Damli
  21. Turkey Turkey: Alper Şahin
  22. Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina: Maja Nurkić
  23. Slovakia Slovakia: Mista
  24. Åland Islands Aland Islands: TBA


The Final is held in Mariehamn Friends Arena in Mariehamn, Aland Islands.

Draw Language Singer Song English Translation Votes Points Place
1 English Sara Lumholdt "Enemy" - 138,000 138 5
2 English PLAY "Famous" - 138,000 138 6
3 English/Russian Pandora ft. Stacy "Why #Magistral" - 132,000 132 7
4 Finnish Cheek feat. Yasmine Yamajako "Syypää Sun Hymyyn" Sun to blame for a smile 86,000 86 10
5 English Zara Larsson "Uncover" - 193,000 193 2
6 English Icona Pop "All Night" - 155,000 155 4
7 Swedish Dani M & Jacco "Naiv" Naive 87,000 87 9
8 Finnish Mikael Gabriel & Diandra "Päästä mut pois" Get me out of 174,000 174 3
9 English Studio Killers "Jenny" - 91,000 91 8
10 English Avicii "Wake Me Up" - 198,000 198 1

At Own Eurovision Song ContestEdit

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