Finland "Hollywood Hills"
Hollywood hills
Own Eurovision Song Contest 19 entry
Country Finland
Artist(s) Samu Haber
Raul Ruutu
Sami Osala
Riku Rajamaa
As Sunrise Avenue
Language English
Finals performance
Semi-final result 11th
Semi-final points 51
Appearance chronology
◄ Music Everywhere (18)   
Leave Me Alone (20) ►

Hollywood Hills is a song by Sunrise Avenue. Hollywood Hills is the Finnish entry for the Own Eurovision Song Contest 19. Finland was drawn to take part in the First half of the Second semi final, where it was decided Sunrise Avenue would perform fourth. Sunrise Avenue failed to advance to the grand final of Own Eurovision Song Contest 19

It was revealed that Sunrise Avenue came 11th in the Semi Final scoring a total of 51 points. Finland received one 12 points, coming from Austria in the semi final.

Country Points
Austria Austria                                                  12
England England 10
Cyprus Cyprus Armenia Armenia 8
Netherlands Netherlands Hungary Hungary 6
Wales Wales 1

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