Flag of Kyrgyzstan
Broadcaster KTRK
Appearances 15 (15 finals)
First appearance 01
Best result 3rd: 10
Worst result 25th: 14

Kyrgyzstan has participated in the Own Asiavision Song Contest 15 times since making its debut at the first contest. The country's best result is 3rd place, achieving this at the Own Asiavision Song Contest 10.


Table key

     Second place
     Third place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Last place
     Did not compete
Ed Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Banzay "Lyubov' - eto iskusstvo" 6 71 No semi-finals
#02 Gulzada "Tolgonuu" 10 63
#03 Yuliya Rutskaya "Perevernu Stranitsu" 19 24
#04 Ayya Sadırova "Janım ay" 9 56
Did not participate
#08 Non Stop "Jurogum saga" 7 80 No semi-finals
#09 Jeedesh "Sen" 5 101
#10 Saykal Sadıbakasova "Meni aldaba" 3 130
"Big 10" Member
#11 Style Mix "Kulup koyçu" 21 47
#12 Ak Sedep "Kyrgyz kyzdary!" 10 97 8 98
#13 Aygerim Rasul "Arnalam" 22 41
"Big 10" Member
#14 Jeedesh "Janym" 25 58 10 72
#15 Non Stop "Seze bil" 15 86 5 89
#16 Aydana Deka "Biyle, biyle" 9 115 7 87
#17 Ayana Kasymova "Amanat" 11 106 8 77
#18 Cholpon Talipbek "Ishchu tebya" 15 84 7 87


 === Own Asiavision Song Contest 1 ===

Kyrgyzstan was announced as one of the countries competing in the debut edition of Own Asiavision in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Banzay was announced as the Kyrgyz representative in Mongolia with the Russian language song "Lyubov' - eto iskusstvo" (Любовьь - это искусство). The entry came 6th with 71 points - to date Kyrgyzstan's best showing at the contest.

Own Asiavision Song Contest 2 Edit

After the success in Mongolia, KRT announced Kyrgyzstan's presence in the 2nd edition of the contest in Shanghai, China. Gulzada represented Kyrgyzstan with the Kyrgyz language song "Tolgonuu", which came in 10th place, Kyrgyzstan's 2nd top 10 placing.

Own Asiavision Song Contest 3 Edit

Following on from the success of the country in the previous editions, KRT announced their participation in the contest in Hong Kong. Yuliya Rutskaya was selected to represent Kyrgyzstan with the Russian language song "Perevernu Stranitsu", however Yuliya only managed to bring 24 points and 19th place, making it the first time that Kyrgyzstan has not finished in the top 10.

Own Asiavision Song Contest 4 Edit

Despite the disappointment in Hong Kong, Kyrgyzstan announced their participation in the contest in Amman, Jordan. Ayya Sadırova was chosen to go to Jordan with her song "Janım ay". Ayya came in 9th place and recieved 53 points - putting Kyrgyzstan in the top 10 for the 3rd time in 4 editions. However, KRT later announced Kyrgyzstan's withdrawal from the contest, citing financial issues as the main reason.

Own Asiavision Song Contest 8 Edit

Kyrgyzstan announced their return to the contest after missing the previous 3 editions. Non-Stop was announced as the Kyrgyz representative with their song "Jurogum saga". The return proved sucessful - as Non-Stop finished in 7th place with 80 points - at the time the highest amount of points that Kyrgyzstan had recieved.

Own Asiavision Song Contest 9 Edit

After the success in Fiji, the Kyrgyz broadcaster decided to go even bigger for the 9th edition in Taipei in hopes to bring Kyrgyzstan into the top 5 for the first time, and internally selected Jeedesh, one of the biggest popstars in Central Asia, with her song "Sen" to go to Taipei. This all went to plan in the end - as Kyrgyzstan finished in 5th place with 101 points, only beaten by Tajikistan, Thailand, Bhutan and South Korea.

Own Asiavision Song Contest 10 Edit

Kyrgyzstan participated in the 10th edition, hosted in Busan in South Korea, and for this announced Saykal Sadıbakasova as the Kyrgyz representative with her song "Meni Aldaba". The song was accused of plagiarism by some Kazakh media, which was also picked up by the Asian media, although the Kyrgyz broadcaster proved these claims wrong by claiming that, whilst the song was composed by a Kazakh/Russian/Kyrgyz team, the song was an original piece which picked up on some of the music trends popular in Kyrgyzstan thank to Kazakh music. The money and effort put into the entry eventually payed off, as Kyrgyzstan finished in 3rd place, bringing Kyrgyzstan their first ever top 3 placing.

Own Asiavision Song Contest 11 Edit

After the successes of the past 3 editions, KRTK teamed up with TUMAR TV in order to pick a high quality song for the 11th edition hosted in Doha. KRTK and TUMAR announced Style Mix as the Kyrgyz representatives with the song "Kulup koyçu". This was immediately followed by angry reactions by the Kyrgyz public on social media, with one Facebook user claiming that (translated from Russian) "KRKT and the Kyrgyz government have been so scared for the past few years that we will win and have to host the contest, so they sending a mediocre song to the Festival to make sure Kyrgyzstan will fail and have to take part in the semi final from now on... this edition I will be supporting Uzbekistan instead...". Despite the backlash from the Kyrgyz public, the broadcaster defended their choice later in the day. Unfortunately, Style Mix came in 21st place, which to Kyrgyzstan is seen as shameful, and "harmful to the promotion of our country".

Own Asiavision Song Contest 12 Edit

For the 12th edition, the Head of Delegation has transformed how the selection works, and has announced that the team are looking at 3 entries in particular, with "a former Kyrgyz entrant" being included in this.

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