Own Eurovision Song Contest Winners Edition 4
Own Eurovision Song Contest!
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Final date 2018
Venue TBD
Presenter(s) TBD
Host broadcaster TBD
Opening act "Naucz mnie" by Sarsa
Interval act TBD
Number of entries 10
Voting system Each country awardes 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favourite songs
Null points None
Winning song TBD
Own Eurovision Song Contest Winners Edition
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Own Eurovision Song Contest Winners Edition 4 is an event edition organised to determine the Own Eurovision Song Contest's best song after ten editions, respectively from Own Eurovision Song Contest 41 to Own Eurovision Song Contest 50.



Bidding phaseEdit

Host CityEdit


Each country awarded points from one to eight, then ten and finally twelve for their ten most popular songs. Unlike in the Contest proper, viewers were allowed to vote for songs which had represented their country.

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
#41 Scotland Scotland Calvin Harris & Disciples "How Deep Is Your Love"
#42 Israel Israel Maya Buskila "Hishtagati"
#43 Italy Italy Elisa "No Hero"
#44 Poland Poland Margaret "Cool Me Down"
#45 Egypt Egypt Nathalie Saba "Black Birds"
#46 Russia Russia i-La "Hungry"
#47 Ukraine Ukraine Tayanna "Osen'"
#48 Finland Finland Diandra "Nadaa"
#49 Russia Russia Sonya "Uhodi"


12 pointsEdit

Below is a summary of the maximum 12 points each country awarded to their favorite song.

International broadcasts and votingEdit