Own Eurovision Song Contest 21
Country Serbia Serbia
National selection
Selection process Beovizja #21
Selected entrant Neda Ukraden
Selected song "Dobro došli šampioni"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Failed to qualify(16th, 46 points)
Serbia in Own Eurovision Song Contest

Serbia will participate in Own Eurovision Song Contest 21. They will select their song through a National Selection called Beovizja #21.

Neda Ukraden will represent the country with the song "Dobro došli šampioni:.


Draw Artist Song
01 Jelena Tomasevic "Melanholija"
02 Ceca Raznatovic "Rasulo"
03 Sara Jovanović "Zauvek"
04 Sasa Kovacevic "Pisi propalo"
05 Marija Serifović "Sta Da Zaboravim"
06 Emina Jahović "Yakışmaz"
07 Zeljko Joksimovic "Ludak Kao Ja"
08 Ana Nikolić "Miso Moj"
09 Marina Tadić "Moj Lepi Skote"
10 Dusan Svilar "Pogledaj"
11 Neda Ukraden "Dobro došli šampioni"
12 Rada Manojlovic "Marakana"

At Own Eurovision Song ContestEdit

Serbia participated in the first semifinal of Own Eurovision Song Contest 21. "Dobro došli šampioni" didn't qualified for the Grand Final, receiving a total of 46 points and ending on the 16th place.

Points awarded to Serbia (Semi-Final 1)
12 points 10 points 8 points 7 points 6 points
5 points 4 points 3 points 2 points 1 points

Points awarded by SerbiaEdit

Semi-final 1Edit

12 pointsArmenia Armenia
10 pointsBosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
8 pointsIceland Iceland
7 pointsCyprus Cyprus
6 pointsBelgium Belgium
5 pointsAndorra Andorra
4 pointsScotland Scotland
3 pointsTurkey Turkey
2 pointsSlovakia Slovakia
1 pointEstonia Estonia

Grand FinalEdit

12 pointsPoland Poland
10 pointsArmenia Armenia
8 pointsBosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
7 pointsIceland Iceland
6 pointsRomania Romania
5 pointsSweden Sweden
4 pointsScotland Scotland
3 pointsAndorra Andorra
2 pointsMorocco Morocco
1 pointMoldova Moldova

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