Armenia "Te aghjik lineir"
(Թե աղջիկ լինեիր)
Lilit - Te aghjik lineir
Own Eurovision Song Contest 16 entry
Country Armenia
Artist(s) Lilit Hovhannisyan
Language Armenian
Composer(s) Vahram Petrosyan
Lyricist(s) Vahram Petrosyan
Original title Թե աղջիկ լինեիր
Finals performance
Semi-final result 2nd
Semi-final points 107
Final result 13th
Final points 128
Appearance chronology
◄ Ayo (15)   
PreGomesh (17) ►

"Te aghjik lineir", is the title of a song by Armenian singer Lilit Hovhannisyan and is the Armenia entry in the Own Eurovision Song Contest 16.

Received points (Final) Edit

Country Points
Luxembourg Luxembourg 12
Jordan Jordan 12
Wales Wales 12
Monaco Monaco 12
Egypt Egypt 8
Denmark Denmark 6
Greece Greece 6
Slovenia Slovenia 6
Portugal Portugal 6
England England 5
Malta Malta 5
Uzbekistan Uzbekiastan 5
Russia Russia 4
Ukraine Ukraine 4
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands 4
Bulgaria Bulgaria 4
Belarus Belarus 3
Belgium Belgium 3
Hungary Hungary 3
Moldova Moldova 2
Italy Italy 2
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 2
Croatia Croatia 1
Cyprus Cyprus 1

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