Flag of Turkmenistan
Broadcaster TVT
Manager Anthony
Appearances 13 (7 finals)
First appearance 01
Best result 2nd: 06
Worst result Last SF: 10

Turkmenistan has participated in the Own Asiavision Song Contest 13 times since making its debut at the first contest. The country's best result is 2nd place, achieving this at the Own Asiavision Song Contest 6.


Table key

     Second place
     Third place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Last place
     Did not compete
Ed Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Zuleyha Kakayewa "Shikga shikga bilezik" 19 28 No semi-finals
Did not participate in #2
#03 Myahri "Gelsene" 15 69 No semi-finals
Did not participate in #4
#05 Myahri "Öňe, Diňe Öňe" 5 83 No semi-finals
#06 Myahri "Ayterek-Gunterek" 2 109
#07 Bahar Hojayewa "Sen yok" 23 10
#08 Nazir Habibow "Way way" 23 15
#09 Gaygysyz feat. Gulshirin "Seypelmenek" 24 25
#10 Eldar Ahmedow "Gozleyan"
Failed to qualify
25 5
#11 Begmyrat Annamyradow "Serwi Boyly" 23 27
#12 Shamyrat Orazow "Gachaly bu gije" 16 65
#13 Rahman Hudayberdiyew "Yadyndamy" 20 21
#14 Jeyhun Atajykow feat. Wildstar "Dalije" 13 46
#15 Begmyrat Annamyradow & Lilia Churchaga "Ashgabat" 11 69
#16 Marala "Bagt yyldyzym"

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